Artist Bio

Currently residing in the Netherlands is the talented artist and rapper, An-G who has carved out a name for herself thanks to her original style and unique lyrical flow. An-G skillfully brings listeners into her own world through her masterful storytelling and composition techniques.


Having long held a deep appreciation for creative outlets, An-G grew up as a dancer and eventually began to show interest for writing music. In 2018 she wrote her first track - one in which she poured her emotions and energy into after going through several personal loses in her life. It was this moment that encouraged her to continue pursuing music as she found comfort and great relief from the art.

With such ease, An-G blends a variety of styles and influences to create her own signature sound on every track she creates. Her voice carries with it a warm and unforgettable tone, which makes her stand out in today’s music landscape. Every hook and line has a mesmerizing sound attached to it, which can be experienced first hand in tracks such as, “You Still Broke” and “Lets Go Get It.”

“I put a lot of my emotion into my music - it’s an outlet for me and after being in a place where I thought my life couldn't get any worse, I started to realize that there might just be someone else out there who may be able to relate,” echoes An-G as she discusses the importance and value of having music as a way to share her story and connect with others through her work.

Album Bio

Known for her unforgettable rhymes and her extraordinary flow, An-G so effortlessly draws audiences into her world through her personal storytelling and unparalleled tone. Listeners are able to hear these talents in her upcoming ep, Too Blessed To Be Stressed which will be available in October 2019.


Too Blessed To Be Stressed is a series of personal stories and thoughts that allow her to weave together a colorful story with moments that are relatable to people from all backgrounds. Listeners will hear her golden like tone - warm but strikingly raw and extraordinarily real. Throughout the ep, An-G showcases her undeniable talent in tracks such as, “Follow Me” and “For The Fallen.” There is an unforgettable and rare.